OverI resigned from my job as Art subject teacher in secondary school. I started the education programme 3D design (Art school in Utrecht, HKU)but switched and completed the study program KEAM at the Art Acadamy in ‘s Hertogenbosch (AKV/St. Joost). Afterwards I also graduated the ceramics education  program of the AVA (the association of Dutch ceramic manufacturers) .

Nowadays I own a design studio in Langenboom. This is the place where I create my personal projects, sometimes autonomous or installation art, but most of the time it is related to applied arts. I am keen on porcelain and paper. The products (mostly consumer products) develop from experiments, research, wonder, annoyance, stacking, folding, slow-design, and any other coincidence you can think of. However, nothing just comes into existence: there is always a story. Everything is handmade.

A spiral is a symbol that fits me best. Every project starts with ‘something’ and develops itself into ‘something’.  Especially the freedom to create is something very precious to me.

Eerste ovenstook 'Het Bakhuis'

“..the very first kiln firing in 2004”